Alfred S. Dynia & Associates, LLC is a full-service law firm specializing in the areas of Real Estate, Business Services, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate, and Income Tax Preparation. 

Our backgrounds include working for high-profile firms where the human element was diluted by focusing considerable resources on a few prestigious clients. In founding Alfred S. Dynia & Associates, we set out to make the highest caliber of legal counsel and zealous representation accessible to all members of our community.

We’ve built a reputation for ourselves based on our integrity, old-school dedication to client satisfaction, vast experience and most importantly, caring for the client. 

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Alfred S. Dynia


Al’s primary focus is on residential real estate transactions, estate planning and administration, business and corporate planning, and bankruptcy. In addition to being an attorney, he is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA), has his Masters of Science Degree in Taxation, and to this day continues to prepare tax returns for his real estate clients. Having practiced as both an accountant and attorney, Al’s diverse financial and legal background is well-suited to those clients seeking a comprehensive approach to their transactions.

Al is a dedicated husband and father, and an avid sports fan. Al plays competitive hockey, and his passion for the game has rubbed off on all three of his kids, who play at differing levels of the game.

The grit, determination, and hard-work required to succeed in any sport, is the same grit, determination and hard-work that Al brings to the office. These attributes, coupled with his gentlemanly charm, and affable personality, make Al the type of attorney, and person, that people want to be around. 

Aga is the heart and soul of this small but agile law firm. As the head legal assistant, Aga supports the real estate and bankruptcy group, and assists the attorneys in all phases of the real estate purchase or sale process, as well as navigating through the minefield that is bankruptcy software and its related credit counseling courses. Aga has several years of experience as a legal assistant, having worked for several firms in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Prior to working in the legal field, Aga worked in the banking industry for more than 15 years, and brings that experience to bear on a regular basis. 

To know Aga outside of the office, is to know that she is a vibrant, happy person, who loves spending time with her kids and friends. When she’s not hanging out with those closest to her, Aga spends her time working on another passion, which is doing hair. And we’re not talking about cutting hair, but rather, styling it for her clients special events. Whether it be a wedding, a vow renewal, or other important life event, Aga creates beautiful masterpieces with her clients hair, which are worthy of accolades. The passion that Aga brings to her personal up-do clients, she also brings to our office on a daily basis.

Aga Bielaczyc